About Us

Welcome to Orion Apothecary!

We are focused primarily on selling growing related equipment for indoor and outdoor growers. We also grow many types of plants and vegetables for personal use and also we sell some organic produce in the summer.

We offer various forms of secure payment on our site that is provided by Shopify payment processing. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay. If you want to use e-transfer please send an email to eric@orionapothecary.com with a description of what you’d like to order.

We handle all orders personally and with the utmost care.

Our main product is our CannaKit, which is a kit that comes with everything you need to grow up to four Cannabis plants, which is the legal limit for each household in Canada!

Also out now are our CannaKrusher Hand Crank Dual Plate Rosin Presses!!



We also have our line the BulletClip, which features different models of roach clips which are hand made using deactivated ammunition.

 Additionally, we are working on producing cold pressed, organic soaps, handcrafted live edge tables, furniture and other genuine wood items such as shelves, rolling trays, stash boxes, wood roach clips, ashtrays and other furniture and accessory items.


 Organic Produce

We have been growing organic produce for a few years now and have now scaled our farm to the point where we will have produce to offer for sale in late Spring 2019 including tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, various greens, carrots, herbs and many others at our roadside stand.

We strive to do everything as organically and sustainably as possible and also to reduce our consumption, footprint & waste and to recycle and reuse as much as we can. We are also working on a compost heap for next grow season.

We use mostly raised beds, we mix our own soil and we use composted manure and mulch along with composted turkey trot (an organic fertilizer), which slowly releases the nutrients into the soil.

We've also integrated drip irrigation to water most of our plants, which saves on our water usage and minimizes waste and over watering.

We have many types of fruit trees, vines & bushes that we hope to be able to harvest fruit from during the next growing season in 2019.

We are also planning to offer our unique line of all natural, non-toxic, cold processed soaps, shampoos and skin & body products in the near future.

Please come check us out again soon as we're adding new products all the time and check out our Instagram feed @orionapothecary for regular update of what's going on at the farm.

We're based in South Western Ontario, Canada near the Great Lakes in the Sun Parlor of Canada so we have a great climate for growing various types of plants.

Please don't hesitate to contact us (eric@orionapothecary.com) with any feedback you have, we love to improve as we go!

Also be sure to follow us on Instagram @orionapothecary for the latest on Organic Produce and New Products available!

Orion Apothecary is a culmination of many years of experience that I've gained in the areas of growing plants and produce, crafting unique items, online sales and website development combined with strong experience and skills in the areas of mechanical engineering, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

This company is currently focused on two main areas: growing high quality organic produce and selling growing related products online through our website and locally in the Windsor, ON area.

We are also working in the areas of greenhouse design and sprinkler system design. I design greenhouse systems including drip irrigation and hydroponic systems and also water filtration systems and piping systems for our farm and also on a consulting basis, this is based on many years of experience in the Mechanical Engineering field in the areas of piping, mechanical equipment, maintenance and of course growing high quality plants.

If you're interested in sprinkler system design and/or installation please send me an email at eric@orionapothecary.com and I will send you a quote. We're currently taking bookings for Spring 2019!

Please take a look at our product lineup and check back soon as we're adding new products all the time.

Thanks again for visiting and we hope to see you again soon!

Eric Soulliere, P.Eng