The BulletClip Collection features a unique design which combines your favourite rounds into a useful clip for many purposes, such as holding your smoking herbs or displaying a picture or card upright.

The bottom is flat and can stand up on a table or shelf to hold any object you'd like.

We use re-purposed and reclaimed materials as much as possible in this collection to minimize our impact.
Every item in this collection is handmade in our shop in Ontario, Canada.
~BulletClip comes in various cartridge sizes from small sizes like .45 ACP to very large sizes like 300 Weatherby~

 We offer various models and are adding more all the time.

Some current and planned models include: Model 45 ACP, Model 44 Magnum, Model AK47, Model Dark Opps & Model 300 Weatherby

  • Handmade Items
  • Hand Polished
  • Durable - made of brass and copper - will stay looking good and shiny for years to come
These BulletClips make excellent gifts for like minded friends and family and you can never have too many around!
**Purchase multiples at once to save on shipping costs**
All orders of BulletClip come with a free hemp bag to carry your BulletClip or other items in.

Please send us an email at eric@orionapothecary.com specifying the colour bag you want. If we do not receive your choice, we will provide you with a colour of our choice. Please see photo below for colour options, we have available: Navy Blue, Light Blue, Charcoal, Lime Green, Purple, Off-White, Pink, Red & Beige.

We have many other unique, handcrafted items in our store, some are not yet available, but check back soon as we're adding new items all the time.
Thanks for your business, we really appreciate it!
Proudly made in Ontario, Canada.
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